Thursday, March 1, 2007

Sonnenschein Batteries

Sonnenschein Batteries
Whenever a continuous energy supply is requested, Sonnenschein batteries can offer their proven performance. When the life and health of human beings depends on electrically powered equipment, these superior batteries with the internationally successful dryfit technology have distinct advantages.

In comparison with conventional batteries using liquid electrolyte, the Sonnenschein batteries are Gel batteries and have the electrolyte fixed in gel form. This means that the battery is completely maintenance-free. It results in lower overhead expenses - 30% less than others - and makes these dryfit batteries economically outstanding.

The Sonnenschein batteries are produced with the minimum burden on people, waste air and water. The Sonnenschein batteries are designed for ease of handling and has an extremely long design life of a minimum of 7 years. Completely recyclable, with high energy density and very low gassing make the Sonnenschein batteries perfect for many different requirements.

The Sonnenschein battery's plates are constructed with a lead calcium alloy, optimized for high corrosion resistance. The Sonnenschein battery's separators are microporous and robust, for electrical separation of the positive and negative plates and optimized for low internal Resistance. The Sonnenschein battery houses up to 12 Ah in ABS, from 25Ah up to 180 Ah in polypropylene (PP). The Sonnenschein battery poles are stuck - or screw connection (optional with internal thread) for easy and safe assembly and maintenance-free connection with excellent conductivity. The Sonnenschein battery's valves release gas in case of excess pressure and protects the cell against atmosphere exposure.

The Sonnenschein batteries make an absolutely reliable means of energy source in applications requiring telecommunication batteries, security batteries, UPS batteries, emergency lighting batteries, medical batteries and other batteries applied in power supplies for safety systems, automotive batteries, and photovoltaic batteries.

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