Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Summer months Bring summer heat!

It seems that on average a battery's life can range between 3 to 5 years, but this heavily depends on the care and maintenance through out it's life span. In order to maximize the life span ignoring the summer months is not an option.

Through out the summer, the constant heat has the ability to stress and cook batteries. This is especially important to all my native Floridians, [and other warm weather folks]. Summer temperatures usually range from 90*-104* degrees, but adding engine heat that is tramped under and metal hood, temperature surrounding your car battery can be as high as 140* degrees.

Most people believe that winter is the time of year the most strain is on the battery but what most do not realize is heat evaporates the fluid within the battery aging it and speeding up the corrosion process. Summer's heat kill batteries 30% faster then winter's cold temperature. AcDelco mentioned, batteries in Florida have a life span of 33 months unlike our cold weather friends in Michigan where their batteries are lasting 50 months!

So, instead of running the risk of being stranded in the summer months, The time of year where AAA receives the most calls for jumps, or towing because of a failed battery, Prepare to purchase a new battery during the spring!


Ways to extend battery life

  • test your battery twice a year

  • inspect for any physical damage

  • check for corrosion, clean if present

  • Don't ignore warning signs!!

Warning signs to look for:

  • if the car is rather old it can cause a strain on the battery

  • traveling short distances can shorten life

  • starting and stopping constantly

  • sometimes dimming headlights or interior lights may be a cause for concern

  • if the battery is over 3 years old GET IT TESTED!

  • if it is over 4 years old.... REPLACE

Don't know how to test your battery bring it in and we can do it! Need to purchase a new battery? bring it in and we can do it!

Have questions about batteries? ASK AWAY WE CAN HELP!

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Monday, May 17, 2010

Our most popular charger!

So it seems that our costumers cant get enough of the Schmacher SE-2352 wheel style starter/charger.

It is a manual operation charger that is designed for those do-it-yourselfers on a budget, but it does not decriminate against the professional and fleet operators. It is used for both slow and fast charging needs. This charger is meant to assist most engines in the most servere of winter and summer weather.

Intended for:

  • 12- volt batteries

  • 200 amp engine start

  • 35 amp rapid charge (charging usually within 1-1.5 hours

  • 2 amp trickle charge (charging small 12 volt battery in 2-12 hours


13.75" width

  • 13.50" depth
  • 20" height
  • 31LBS

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