Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Power King Marine Batteries!

  • When the application requires a power source to provide extended use, dependability, and endurance, the Power King build batter is the optimum choice. Our marine line offers the performance required for deep cycling, high vibration, and dependable starting, time after time.
  • More and more boating enthusiasts depend on Power King marine batteries that are designed and engineered to deliver dependable, trouble free performance. The deep cycle batteries deliver outstanding continuous use cycling for the weekend fisherman or the tournament pro.
  • The performance of these batteries are enhanced by features like stainless steel terminals, hybrid radial grids with center line lugs, high density oxide, polyethylene envelope separators and safety vent caps.
  • Power King deep cycle batteries have performance glass at that extends cycle life. this unique feature also adds dimensional stability and rigidity to the positive plate while retarding the shedding of the active material and lessen possible failure due to excessive vibration.
  • A Power King battery is built to go the distance with unmatched performance. Power King offers superb marine product in a 24M starting battery and Group 31M, 27M , and 24M Deep Cycle batteries. The entire Power King Marine Battery line features the new twin post design. This innovative design allows cables and accessories to be accessed quickly and more effectively.

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