Tuesday, January 25, 2011

46 years young!

Battery Sales is celebrating their 46th year in Successful Business.

With a commitment to quality and service its no wonder why Battery Sales has maintained the leading Battery Specialist position in the South Florida Battery market for the past 46 years!

  • In the event of a power outage, are you prepared?
  • Are your Back-up Power Sources charged and up to date?
  • Are you looking to go Green and Eco-friendly and are in need of Solar Panels and Inverters
Discharged, old batteries, bad cables and terminals, and even slight corrosion can prevent you from obtaining the power you need in an emergency.

We offer a complete line of lead acid, sealed rechargeable, and gel cell batteries for generators and emergency lighting applications.

Call our offices today to schedule an appointment with a service technician to inspect your back up power sources. With Battery Sales you will receive good service that will be here next week, next month, next year!

We do recycle your old batteries so bring them in too!

check out http://www.batterysales.com/

or call 305-891-8355