Monday, September 19, 2011

China is having an effect on battery prices in the U.S.

You may be aware by now that over the past few months the lead acid battery industry has been impacted fairly substantially by government-imposed actions in China. Most notable have been the stricter enforcement of environmental regulations and the implementation of more stringent requirements. There have also been periodic mandatory shutdowns due to power shortages. The end result is reduced productivity and higher costs.

Also contributing to increased manufacturing costs are rising salaries/wages, insurance, and fuel as well as continued currency valuation adjustments. For these reasons, battery manufacturers have found it necessary to adjust prices accordingly. We are thankful that lead costs have remained reasonably stable and does not appear to be a factor in price changes at this time.

New lead acid battery prices will be handed out by Yuasa, Power-Sonic, Enersys, and several other sealed lead acid manufactures whose product comes from China. Stay tuned! - your source for automotive, commercial, industrial, marine, and special application batteries.