Friday, February 3, 2012

Authorities baffled by thefts of truck batteries in five cities

This morning there was an article in the South Florida Sun Sentinel newspaper about batteries being stolen from trucks and automobiles throughout Broward County. Authorities are apparently baffled as to why the trend in battery theft. They should have asked Battery Sales.

The battery theft is not contained to just Broward County. Batteries are being stolen in Miami-Dade as well. You may recall a news report a few months ago when batteries were stolen from approximately 40 Miami-Dade County School Buses. At Battery Sales, we have customers buying replacement batteries for their cars at least a couple times a week, if not more. You would consider yourself lucky if the theives only took the battery. On occassion, we find the theives are cutting the cables as well. Not only do customers now have to buy a new battery; but, they also have to buy cables, terminals, and other accessories.

The driving force behind the upward trend in battery theft is the price of lead. At the moment, the price of lead is on the rise. When lead jumps in does battery theft. Batteries are being sold to scrap yards and in turn sold to smelters or to the Chinese for reuse offshore.


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