Tuesday, April 30, 2013

BCI Battery Replacement Data Book 1994-2013

The brand new BCI Battery Replacement Data Book for applications from the years 1994 through 2013 is now available in the Battery Library section of our website, Battery Sales. Each year, Battery Council International (BCI), comes out with their new application guide. The replacement battery guide includes a lot of helpful information including:
  • Explosion Danger, Installation, Charging, Handling, Booster Cables, pages 2-5
  • Explanation of Data, Abbreviations, page 6
  • BCI Assembly Numbers, Cell Layouts, Hold downs and Polarity, pages 7-11
  • BCI Group Numbers, Dimensional Specifications and Ratings, pages 12-15
  • BCI/DIN/EN Reference Chart, page 17
  • BCI/JIS Reference Chart, page 17
  • Power Sport Battery Type Reference and Terminals Charts, pages 18-21
The Battery Application Section of the BCI Battery Replacement Data Book include:
  • Passenger cars and Light Trucks, pages 22-50
  • Trucks, pages 51-63
  • Farm Equipment, pages 64-70
  • Lawn & Garden Equipment / Small Engine, pages 71-85
  • PowerSport - Motorcycle & Scooter, pages 86-93
  • PowerSport - utility Vehicle, page 94
  • PowerSport - ATV, pages 95-98
  • PowerSport - Personal Water Craft (JetSki) / Snowmobile / Go-Kart, pages 98-103
All of these types of batteries are available at, Battery Sales. We have two locations in South Florida.

Battery Sales - North Miami
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